Our memberships are seasonal based memberships with a binding time over 4-5 months depending on how long the season is. What differs our memberships from our bootcamps is the binding time and therefore also the price.

The participants follow the bootcamp cycle where they get new exercises every 4 weeks. We work with periodization training and we combine compound movements with deep core activation, mobility and postural exercises to reach harmony in our bodies. All our participants get individual life coaching once per week concerning their health goals. We support our participants with everything from how to eat, sleep better, destress, which supplements to use to how to cycle sync our workouts.

The training is based on traditional strength training in the different periodization phases. Neuromuscular, hypertrophy & maximum load. We combine push & pull exercises in supersets to optimize metabolism and balance out the movement pattern. The training focuses on shaping and toning the body in the right places but it's also vey much focused on counteracting general injuries from a modern lifestyle. We work on strength, mobility and our cardiovascular system. Every session is about 50 minutes long including warmup, walk-through and workout. We offer 3 strength workouts per week and 2 infra-red mobility workout. All to give you the complete workout experience.

The MEMBERSHIP is valid all season. Below you can see what is included in the membership.

  • Thorough technical runthrough first week
  • 3 strength workouts / week with coach
  • 2 mobility workouts in infra red heat / week with coach
  • Before / after pictures and measurements (optional)
  • Personal feedback once / week (online)
  • Workouts adapted to your cycle
  • Priority and guaranteed spots for all bootcamps throughout the season. Members can participate in the different bootcamp groups and flex according to their schedule (With reservations for full groups)
  • 18 weeks of structured strength training with coach. Every 4 weeks = new set of excersises.
  • 300 SEK monthly discount. Early bird saves 500 SEK. Total savings per season 1200SEK / 2000SEK for Early bird.
  • Price: 3199SEK / month. EARLY BIRD 2999SEK (expires 15/6-2021).
    A fee of 750SEK is charged for startup week and finishing-week. (Charged together with first and last monthly payments.)


Address: Homie fitness, Skeppargatan 28. Subway Östermalmstorg.
Time and day:
STRENGTH: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 06.10, 07.15, 08.15, 17.30 or 18:30
The MOVEMENT: Tuesdays or Thursdays 17.30 or 18.30

Startup week (optional) w. 6
Phase 1 w.7-10 14/2-11/3 - No bank holidays
Phase 2 w.11-14 14/3-8/4 - No bank holidays
Easter holidays w.15 11/4- 16/4 - NO CLASSES
Phase 3 w.16-19 18/4-13/5 - Monday 18/4 = bank holiday, The BOOTCAMP on Tuesday 19/4 instead.
Phase 4 w.20-23 16/5-10/6 - Thursday 26/5 - bank holiday, no classes, Monday 6/6- bank holiday, The BOOTCAMP on Tuesday 7/6 instead.
Phase 5 w.24-27 13/6-8/7 - Friday 24/6 - Midsummer holiday, The BOOTCAMP on Thursday 23/6 instead.
FINISHING WEEK w. 28 - For members and advanced participants only.

Startup week (optional for non-members) w. 33
Phase 1 w.34-37 23/8 - 17/9
Phase 2 w.38-41 20/9 - 15/10
Phase 3 w.42-45 18/10- 12/11

Phase 4 w.46-49 15/11- 10/12
FINISHING WEEK w. 50 13/12-17/12

Our Bootcamps is suitable for women of all ages and preconditions no previous experience is needed. Our programs are designed to challenge our more advanced participants while also being accesible to beginners. Our coaches are there to support you throughout your workout.
By signing up you agree to our terms and conditions. No refunds, even if payment has been made or not your sign up is final. If you have a doctors note or something unexpected should happen you can freeze your memership and use yoour spot at a later time. By signing up and joining The PUSH you agree to being filmed and/or photographed for PR purposed. Images and videos may be posted on The PUSH various Social Media accounts. If you do not consent to this you are responsible for informing our coaches/photographers. By signing up for The PUSH you agree to our Privacy Policy.