The PUSH is a holistic lifestyle brand that focuses on women’s health. A one stop shop where you get full support concerning your health. We provide nutritional advice, training and life coaching, all to help you find your true potential and reach your goals and dreams.

Why The PUSH? Our core beliefs and values begin and end with our view of the world and society as one connected ecosystem where every member is responsible for creating the best possible environment for all souls to co-exist in harmony. We want to do our part in this by providing a platform where our members can build strong, healthy bodies and minds. We take you in and push you back in to society where you hopefully relay that push onto others, in your professional, home & social lives.

It’s hard to keep up with everything related to health and wellness these days- we know! Every day brings a new trend – what, when and how to eat, this new workout for this body type or this excersize for that one. They way our society is made up takes a huge toll on our bodies and souls, and we want to help you minimize the negative effects and maximize your potential and well-being. No matter where you are in your life - we want to PUSH you in to becoming the best possible you.

The BOOTCAMP The Bootcamp is a 4 week training experience suitable for all levels. We are the first concept to provide individualized group training for women all ages. The Bootcamp is pre-programmed and focuses on building an overall healthy body and mind. We combine compound movements with deep core activation, mobility and postural exercises to reach harmony in our bodies. All our participants get individual life coaching. We support our participants with everything from how to eat, sleep better, destress, which supplements to use to how to cycle sync their workouts. You can find us at: